TOPEKA — Kansans got a friendly reminder this week from the state Attorney General’s Office: In case you forgot, marijuana still is illegal in the Sunflower State.

Although marijuana possession and usage is legal in Colorado, Derek Schmidt, Kansas attorney general, said Tuesday, it remains illegal to bring the substance across state lines into Kansas. Law enforcement agents have had several run-ins with travelers returning from Colorado with marijuana, Schmidt’s office said.

“With the recent coverage of ‘marijuana tourism’ since our neighbors in Colorado legalized marijuana under their state law, we wish to remind Kansans that the possession, sale or use of marijuana is still a crime in Kansas,” a statement from Schmidt and a group of state law enforcement officials read. “Kansas law enforcement has seen and seized marijuana acquired in Colorado and brought illegally to Kansas. We remind Kansans never to bring marijuana into Kansas from Colorado. Doing so is a crime, and Kansas still enforces its law.”

Schmidt was joined in making the reminder by Col. Ernest Garcia, Kansas Highway Patrol superintendent; Jim Kramer, Kansas Sheriffs Association president and Gray County sheriff; and Mike Baker, Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police president and Wamego police chief.