The Four Seasons Garden Club met Wednesday, March 20 at the home of Linda Robbins with Joanne Smith as co-hostess.

Roll call was taken with 11 members and one guest, Mary Lou (Pinky) Hoyt, present. The question for roll call was: “What are you going to do new in your flower bed?”

The minutes were read and approved for the month of February. The treasurer’s report was given by Joanne Smith, president, as Norm Sellers, treasurer, was unable to attend.

New business was brought up by President Joanne Smith. Joanne had gotten a note from Becci Shisler who heads up the Main Street Association in Ottawa. Becci told Joanne that the club would have a $400 budget this year to spend on the flowers for the 16 pots in Ottawa. Becci also let Joanne know that some of the pots have tulips planted in them.

Joanne will be contacting Sand Creek Nursery where the club purchases its plants to see if adequate supplies can be purchased for $400. Suggestions for the plants include light green sweet potato, vinca, yellow marigolds, purple wave petunias and spikes.

Joanne also will contact Becci Shisler for an appointment to discuss why some of the pots have tulips planted in them. Norma Sellers, Daveen Holzapfel and Dolores Larsen will be attending that meeting with Becci also.

The meeting was adjourned.

Refreshments were served. They included cheesecake with blueberries, punch, coffee, nuts and M&M’s. Chocolate bunnies on a stick were given to everyone.

The door prize went to Frances O’Banion. It was Easter tea towels.