Shari Perry is at it again.

What now? Look at the headline in the March 15 Herald — “Letter: Clerk might sue county for $175K.”

Recall that in 2005 Perry had her nose bent out of shape because the county took payroll duties away from her, moving them to human resources. The lawsuit ultimately was put down, but not before everyone lawyered up, costing ... well, I don’t know how much money.

Then last year she got into it with the county’s ambulance department. To deal with this, the county hired attorney Kevin Case at $90 an hour to investigate. That investigation “found many of the allegations against Perry to be true,” per The Herald story, and indicated that, because of Case’s findings, the investigation was forwarded to the Kansas Attorney General’s office. This mess resulted in the county commission taking time from their schedule (as well as staff time, costing more money) to perfect a resolution banning Perry from communicating directly with the Franklin County Emergency Medical Services staff.

So, we have a county official, whose behavior got her barred from communicating with one of the county offices. Can you effectively run a business like the county government without communication between departments? Does that seem incongruent? This happens, folks, because she is an elected official and not — I repeat, not — responsible to the commission or anyone else ... except the voters.

And the drama has not ended.

Perry now comes with a demand for (a lot of) our money. She has lawyered up with Richard Dvorak of Overland Park with a claim that her privacy concerning health information has been violated. From what I understand, we the people of Franklin County will be the defendants. You read that right — we will be the defendants!

Think about it. This latest turn of events is interesting, and obvious, since the flap last year was with the ambulance department. What do you bet she claims someone in the ambulance department spoke out of turn? Come on! All sort of things happen in an emergency. Are we so thin-skinned? Or does it involve something about Perry that she does not want to go public?  If that is the case, I can’t imagine how it must feel to be hiding something from public life. Maybe it’s time to get out of public life.

Now, take this one step further. Perry is an elected official. She is paid by and responsible to us, the voters. We are her employer. She is threatening a claim against us (her employer) while still employed. How many of us would have the guts to file suit against our boss while employed there?

I’m sorry, but in my book, this is over the top. The November elections will be very interesting. Perry has one opponent already signed up.

Anyone else?

— Richard Warren, Ottawa