Once again, the religious right is trying to dissolve the freedom from discrimination under the guise of “Freedom of Religion.” I wonder how Jesus would feel under such a ruling. After all, he was discriminated against and was crucified as a result of fear, hatred and prejudice.

There is nothing Christian about discrimination. As a matter of fact, it goes against all I have been taught to believe — that all people are born of one God. This does not mean that some deserve better treatment than others or should be judged and looked down upon because they believe in a certain way, pray a certain way, live a certain way or dress a certain way. Any discrimination is against God. Prejudice is a form of hate, no matter how you look at it, and hate is not a word I associate with freedom or Christianity. Any laws, ordinances or rules that are put into effect that give some people the authority to be prejudiced toward others are a threat to our nation and to our national security.

There was a time in recent history where rules and laws were enacted that allowed prejudice and discrimination to be legal and resulted in arrest, imprisonment and even death. You say it can’t happen here? Guess again. Once discrimination and prejudice are allowed to enter into the laws of this country, it will be the downfall of our free society. Being free from hatred, free from discrimination, free from religious persecution is a God-given freedom and should not be allowed to be taken away by uneducated individuals because they don’t understand or don’t want to understand something with which they don’t agree.

What about the other religions in the “free” country? Where does “Freedom of Religion” stop if a few are allowed to be judgmental and prejudicial? Where is the “free” in “freedom” if a few are determined to undermine the freedom of some by what is “right” and what is “wrong.” I am a practicing Christian and understand why a lot of people are being “turned off” by the very way some “Christians” are behaving because some Christians are not satisfied unless they force their beliefs onto others.

Christ was not a Christian. He was a Jew and a loving God toward all people — not just a few who believed in him. He preached love to all, forgiveness to all and, most and foremost, kindness to all. He did not force his teaching onto any one person; he gave them the opportunity to determine for themselves as to how they might worship and live free from judgment and discrimination.

Any discrimination or judgment is not of love, but of fear, hate and misunderstanding. Please let people live, worship, pray and believe as they do, without the fear of being discriminated against or judged as “wrong.” Don’t force issues where they don’t belong in the name of Christianity and expect people to idly sit by while their freedoms are being violated and dissolved.

— Don Carr,