The Obama administration announced Tuesday it will delay implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate until 2015, proving that the president’s health care law truly is an unmanageable “train wreck.” The news comes just three months after Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told my committee, the House Ways and Means Committee, that the president’s health care law would be implemented on time, and does not need a backup plan for delays. Apparently, the Obama administration changed its mind.  

It is clear the administration has come to realize the law’s devastating effects on American businesses and employees, but while it gives businesses a free pass on the employer mandate, I am disturbed the administration does not share the same concern for hardworking American families who are struggling to afford the law’s government-mandated insurance. Not only would the employer mandate put additional strain on the exchanges, it is already forcing employers to slash their workers’ hours and destroying jobs.

I hope the administration recognizes that this means we need to relieve all Americans from this mandate permanently, because no amount of government tinkering is going to fix this terrible law. We need to focus on a permanent delay, and a plan for replacement legislation that actually works. We need a plan that does not leave 30 million people uninsured, that is effective and centered on patient-driven reforms.

— Lynn Jenkins,

U.S. representative, R-Kan.