I was wondering if someone who is in favor of the bond issue to build new buildings at Pomona could please answer a question for me.

I am 66 and trying to live on a fixed income. However, I still do things to try to earn some additional income to pay my bills. I live in the Williamsburg area of our district, but pay taxes, like everyone else, on the whole West Franklin school district.

So if we pass a bond issue for $15,944,342 as planned, and we go ahead and build a new campus at Pomona and bring all students there, it will raise my taxes by 14.65 more mills, in addition to the existing taxes I already am paying.

My question to you is why anyone in the Appanoose or Williamsburg area of our district would want to tax themselves about 15 percent more than they are now paying, only to have their schools closed and get to pay for buildings at Pomona for 30 more years? It isn’t a question of “if” our district can survive losing students at this rate; it is a question of “when” we will close all buildings regardless of if they are old or new. We already have lost 229 kids in five short years. We are now down to about 640 students.

I know there are people in and around Pomona who are in favor of the bond issue, and there are those who probably would like a new school, but simply cannot afford to put that kind of a tax burden on themselves or their businesses.

I went to all three of the information meetings this week, and I understand the figures and the feelings of all who spoke. No one wants to see their community suffer from this issue. So please take a minute and ask yourself: If this were happening in another part of the district, would I be in favor of raising my taxes to pay for buildings for 30 more years only to see my school closed? Would I be willing to support the bond issue even with the possibility that there won’t be a school at all in the near future, yet I would still be paying off the bond?

The whole truth in a nutshell is that we need to see where this district is going as far as enrollment, see what the state and federal government is going to mandate and do the best job we can to survive for a few years.

I, for one, don’t want to be paying taxes for buildings without kids in them. Not only that, but stop and think what this is going to do to those of us on fixed incomes and to our farmers and ranchers and business people in the area.

Please vote no on any bond issue.

— Larry Milliken,