RICHMOND — A high-scoring game between Central Heights and Osawatomie led to a 80-70 overtime win for the Vikings.

The last game of the regular season for four seniors ended on a high note, Rusty Cannady, head coach, said after the game.

“Fourth quarter and overtime the kids really came together,” Cannady said. “Down 14 in the fourth, we caused some turnovers, took advantage of it, hit some open shots and momentum shifted.”

Both teams hit 19 three-point shots total, with eight coming from Central Heights players and 11 three-pointers hit by Austin Chisam of Osawatomie. Cannady applauded the Osawatomie player’s shooting.

“That kid could not miss. We tried a lot of different things on him and there was a lot of them we still had a hand in the face and he was hitting,” Cannady said.

Central Heights (80) — McAfee, 20, Horstick, 18, Beckwith, 11, Erhart, 10, Burkdoll, 9, Davis, 7, King, 2, Hendron, 3.

Osawatomie (70) — Chisam, 33, Soucie, 12, England, 9, Russell, 6, Allen, 4, Rayl, 4, Gaines, 2.