As defined in the dictionary, bigotry is “bias, racism, apartheid, prejudice, xenophobia and intolerance.”

The radical “Christians” who are willing to put any part of “bigotry” into our state laws are not understanding just what Jesus was about. He would not tolerate such actions against any person or persons. His teaching was about love, compassion, understanding and tolerance.  

Any laws that justify intolerance or prejudice toward any of God’s creations are crafted by closed minds that are boxed in their own radical, intolerant and biased perspectives. This borders on injustice and radicalism that has no place in our society of a free people.

Case in point: Terrorism is based on radical, biased, intolerant and prejudicial minds. Adolf Hitler’s Nazi society was based on the same. Are the people of this state and country willing to allow such bigotry in our laws? Are we willing to allow the same mind set?

I know there are those “boxed minds” who will not liken any laws allowing intolerance and prejudice to such radical beliefs because of their own radical beliefs. It would be a shame in this day and age to allow such laws in the name of Christianity and yet there are people who support such laws and are willing to allow prejudice and intolerance exist.

I assume, then, that any “non-Christians,” or people who believe in true, free society will have the same attitude toward such radicalism and lawfully protected by not hiring people with radical and extreme intolerance. This whole process is not likened to a free society and should not be allowed. And yet there are those who are willing to enact and support laws based on their radical, intolerant and prejudicial minds.  

This country already, by the Constitution, has freedom of religion and should not allow “freedom of religion according to our radical, prejudiced and intolerant minds.” Where is our “free society” headed by allowing such intolerance and prejudices?

— Don Carr, Ottawa