Years ago, women were deceived into thinking birth control (contraception) was a good thing. No Children. No sexual responsibilities. No complications. Women were sold quite a bill of goods.

Too bad there are fewer children. Too bad we consider our careers more important than our heritage and love for our spouse. Too bad men have all the sexual pleasure and women have all the responsibilities — it used to be shared. Too bad the hormonal changes associated with birth control have caused complications, many of which are very serious. And, once again, the only victims of this are the women.

The availability of contraception does not really liberate women. It really liberates men to use women for sex, without taking on the role of husband and father.

So now we have lots of women who would like to have a family, but so few of the men are willing to settle down and get married until they are both in their mid-30s and then they have more difficulty getting pregnant. So the women were sold the lie that they would establish their career first and then have their family later — but “later” so often becomes “too late.”

Many have believed the deception. Many are starting to figure out that they have been used as a political pawn. It is never too late to see that families are relationships are the most important things in our lives.

— David Gittrich, director of Kansans for Life, Wichita