Well, well, well ... it must be spring in Franklin County. The grass is turning green, the daffodils are blooming and Franklin County Shari Perry wants to sue the taxpayers. Again.

As is the usual pattern, it’s Perry’s own bad judgment and behavior that gets her into these jams. Then the taxpayers are expected to foot the bill for lawyers and the county’s insurance premiums when she tries to portray herself as a victim.

As for the $175,000 payout she is seeking, I have to take issue with a statement made by Kevin Case, the attorney the county commission has hired to represent them in the latest Perry-inspired boondoggle. He said the taxpayers won’t have to pay for this since the county’s insurance will cover it. We most certainly will have to pay for this, in the form of higher insurance premiums, at the least. If I were the insurance underwriter for this county, I think I would have to write an exclusion into the policy for anything involving Perry’s antics.

Franklin County voters have an opportunity in August to put an end to the middle school drama and constant turmoil in their county clerk’s office. If no one files for the clerk position on the Democratic ticket, the clerk’s position will be decided in the primary election. I would urge all voters to register as Republicans (you can re-register back to your original party after the election) and vote for Janet Paddock.

Paddock is smart, personable, educated and dedicated. She would be a breath of fresh air for the county.

If the threats of another high-dollar lawsuit plus an attorney general investigation don’t get the attention of the voters in Franklin County, I don’t think anything will. It’s definitely time for change.

 — Kelley Hawkins, Ottawa