In regard to a Dec. 29 guest editorial published in The Herald, “Playing roulette: U.S. approves a supposedly safer nuclear power plant,” you can’t compare what Japan had constructed in an earthquake zone to what we may put up here in America.

If we let the environmentalists control everything we build here in this country, we’d be back in the Stone Age.

As far as playing roulette, you have that every day of your life as soon as you walk out the door. Yes, there is a certain amount of danger in having a nuke plant, but they are as safe as you make them. We have had nuke power on aircraft carriers and subs for years and don’t even need refueling for years and very seldom do you hear of any problems with the reactors.

Coal plants are fine, but then again, the environmental wackos are against them as they say there is too much pollution. I say hogwash. As with all the safety gear and cleaning of the smoke stack exhaust, all you see is a white vapor rising.

The Environmental Protection Agency has way too many regulations and clean air standards and has cost America a lot of jobs going elsewhere.

— Stanley Lloyd, Ottawa