Golf is a game that can take the heart of anybody. It is hard to stay consistent or improve with the cold weather conditions of April.

The Ottawa High School golfers have not had too many days on the course between tournaments and hardly any good weather on their playing days.

The Cyclones found two decent weather days a week apart and it is no accident their scores are the best of the season. Ottawa found the 80s to its liking Monday in the Ottawa Invitational, which was played at GreatLife Golf.

Ottawa finished second with a season-best 319. Paola won the tourney with a 304.

“I can’t complain about a 319. That is a good score,” Ottawa coach Cliff McCullough said. “I would have liked to win our home tournament. Paola kind of distanced themselves.”

Most of the golfers feel they can turn it up a notch if the weather stays nice.

“The conditions this year has been horrible,” McCullough said. “We maybe practiced a handful of times on our homecourse. Your golf game, much like the golf courses, it will take a little longer to get where you need to be. We have a couple of weeks here to get ready for the postseason.

“We have to take advantage of the weather. Practice hard and do those little things that will allow us to shave strokes off our scores.”

Senior Austin Blaue, who shot an 84 to finish 15th, said it was nice to play in good weather

“It is nice to get a break from that,” he said. “It has been tough for me especially. We have had two days of nice weather. We have had a lot of rain. We have not had many practices because of the weather.”

Quentin Blaue led the Cyclones with a 78 to finish seventh. Parker Olmsted had a 79 to finish eighth. He had a career-best 77 last week.

“Parker is starting to show a lot of consistency,” McCullough said. “He is starting to look like a pretty good golfer. Quentin has been very consistent. Austin puts so much pressure on himself. He will fight through that.”

Parker liked playing on the homecourse and felt the team turned that into an advantage.

“A big part was our homecourse,” Parker said. “The greens were running pretty well.”

The coach and the players feel the best is yet to come.

“I feel like we can go lower than that,” McCullough said.

Austin Blaue said, “We are still improving. It is nice to have those consistent scores.”

Jeff Doolittle finished 11th with an 80. Trey Rich was 13th with an 82. Hunter Peoples had an 87.

Anderson County’s Spencer Walter was second medalist with a 75. Jack Rickabaugh was sixth with a 76.