Iím intrigued by the kids who are writing letters to The Herald wanting something to do because they are bored.

I was young many years ago, 70-plus now. There were kids that were my age that complained that they were bored 60 years ago.

There never has been a boring day that I can remember in my life.

The problem is that kids who complain about being bored are wasting their lives. Maybe you must believe in the ďgive meĒ society. There is a set of rules to live your life by.

1. Take responsibility for your situation and work to make it better. Say ďyesĒ and be creative.

2. Help someone else better themselves by sharing what you know.

3. Live your life with a schedule every day.

4. Donít do things that you become a loser at. Stay off the streets.

5. Help a person that needs help. Be there for them.

6. Start a business; plant a garden and care for it. Paint something. I mowed lawns during my teenage years.

7. Visit elderly people regularly.

8. Always set direction in your life.

9. Make a life plan and cultivate and build on what you can do. Make someone proud of you.

10. If you are a teenager, you should have goals to meet.

11. Whatever that goal is, make a life plan to accomplish that goal.

12. Nothing worthwhile is made without a cost. Figure out what itís going to cost: time, effort and commitment.

13. After spending time, effort and commitment, appreciate your achievement. Your parents will be proud of you.

14. Understand you go nowhere without a goal, plan, effort and commitment.

15. Take a summer class to keep your learning momentum. Donít watch TV ó play chess.

16. Read a book ó one that challenges your mind. My grandson chose the Bible.

17. Waste not. Want not. That rule has to do with your time, too.

18. Study and dedicate yourself to a musical instrument. It could turn into a career. My kids have an appreciation for music.

19. Have a hobby. Never a day passes that I do not have a project going. Play with a mower and make it run. Read a book and develop a skill with someone who knows what to do.

20. Realize if youíre bored, itís your fault. You are wasting the most important commodity of your life ó your time.

21. Itís too bad public schools donít help make a plan to continue your education after school is out.

22. Go to public meetings.

23. Busy hands are happy hands. When you are alone, you are closest to God.

24. If you want more happiness in your life, make someone else happy. Have a spiritual experience.

25. Do any three of these and you will not be bored.

In closing, follow this plan. You will not be bored.

ó Norman Wooge, Ottawa