County motorists could soon look forward to a smoother ride on some asphalt roads.

The Franklin County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the solicitation of bids for the 2013 chip and seal project. The bids are expected to be sent out within the week and are due back to the county clerk’s office by 4 p.m. March 26 with the bids scheduled to be opened at the March 27 board meeting.

A total of 42.5 miles of Franklin County roads in the far western part of the county are scheduled to have chip seal work done as part of the county’s rotating road maintenance plan. Franklin County has a total of 206.8 miles of paved roads, Jim Haag, county public works director, said.

Chip and seal is a pavement resurfacing treatment that consists of a mixture of asphalt and finely crushed rock. It commonly is used on rural roads that are not highly traveled. Chip and seal essentially reconstructs the service of the road, Haag said.

The roads involved in the project include:

• Thomas Road, from Georgia Road to Colorado Road

• Colorado Road, from Shawnee Road to Thomas Road

• Shawnee Road, from California Road to Colorado Road

• Florida Terrace, from Thomas Road to Woodson Road

• Colorado Road, from K-69 to Shawnee Road

• Shawnee Road, from South Idaho Road to North Idaho Road

• Idaho Road, from Labette Road to Shawnee Road

• Eisenhower Road, from K-68 to 13th Street

• Kingman Terrace and Labette Road, from Colorado Road and Eisenhower Road

• Greenwood Estates

• Colorado Road, from Jackson Road to K-68

• Jackson Road, from California Road to Colorado Road

• Idaho Road, from I-35 and the campground entrance

• California Road, from Dane Street to Jackson Road

• John Brown Road, from Florida Road to Old 50 Highway

Roads temporarily would be closed as the chip and seal resurfacing is installed, Haag said.