Itís prom season once again here in Franklin County. Girls are counting down the days until the special night, while guys are counting down the days until itís all over.

Why is that?

Young ladies typically do the majority of the prom planning. Itís a stressful process ó between the dinner, getting flowers and matching tuxedos to dresses. Many girls began planning their prom night anywhere from two weeks to one year before the actual prom date.

Students from West Franklin and Central Heights schools agree itís a lot of stress and drama before prom, with far too much hype around the big event. Some male students say they are really excited for prom, but only because itís their first time being able to attend.

ďIím ready for prom to be over so it will all go away,Ē Dakota Adamson, a junior at West Frankin High School, said before the big date. Fortunately for Adamson, West Franklinís prom was last week.

For others, however, prom is a stress-free occasion ó largely because they decide to go ďstagĒ or without an actual date. Why do they think going alone is less stressful and more enjoyable?

Well, while the walk-in portion of prom might feel a tad bit lonely, going on your own might keep you more sane because you only have to worry about yourself ó not a date.

Of course, some students thoroughly enjoy prom, even with all its planning and attention to detail. Many girls and boys alike pay attention to the small stuff, getting everything perfect for an incredible night. They do it all without breaking a sweat or shedding a tear ó something that takes a lot of talent and ability.

The time leading up to prom might be one of the most stressful things high school students go through. It all builds to that one special night that every girl dreams of and is secretly in the back of every guyís mind. Itís the magic of the night, the dressing up for dinner, and the fun of being with your friends and being able enjoy what you have.

There have been movies made, songs sung and dreams dreamt about how prom should be. Itís a dance that has something for everybody.

Meagan Findley is a senior at West Franklin High School.