Wow, things are heating up in the West Franklin school district. Students are writing letters to the newspaper calling those opposed to the school bond liars; a school board member allegedly has been threatened with physical harm; a vote of the people gave a clean sweep of the current school board members who were on the ballot in the recent election; students reportedly are taking sides and harassing other students. It’s all going on in the district now.

When I looked to see what all the “bluster” was about so I could make an informed decision about the bond, I found some things that I thought others should know. I got the following information from the West Franklin school district website (

We need the $14,320,000 (principal amount without interest) on a 30-year bond at 4.05 percent, so we can pay for the following and other upgrades for the Pomona schools (I assume “ES” means elementary school; “MS,” middle school; and “HS,” high school):

1. New track — $650,000

2. JV gym addition — $1,424,375

3. Weight room addition — $233,125

4. Another VO-AG building — $936,500

5. Entry/corridor addition for the HS/MS — $1,497,900

6. MS library remodel — $415,820

7. HS toilet addition — $253,200

8. Playground relocation for ES — $50,000

9. Bleacher upgrade — $210,000

10. Sidewalk — $130,404

11. Hard surface play area — $32,454

You have to dig a little to find out what the school district is planning to spend the bond money on. Very little information about these expenses has been said or given out by advocates of the school bond. It would be common sense to make the allocation figures readily available to everyone before the vote, since the taxpayers are going to have to pay for 30 years with significantly increased taxes to support/pay back the bond. Taxpayers have a right to know what they are buying for the $27-plus million (the reported amount of the bond interest).

I would invite everyone to contact the school district to get all the figures or visit the website listed above to see how the school district is planning to spend your money.

— Mike Terry,