Franklin County Attorney Stephen Hunting publicly asked the county’s sheriff to resign immediately during a late-Wednesday afternoon press conference.

Jeffry Curry, Franklin County sheriff, was arrested Wednesday afternoon on charges of interference with law enforcement (false report) and official misconduct, setting bond at $3,000, according to a release from the Shawnee County District Attorney’s Office. Along with Curry, the KBI arrested Jerrod Fredricks, master deputy with the sheriff’s office, on charges of interference with law enforcement with bond set at $1,500.

As a result of the charges, Hunting filed a petition for ouster, which would remove Curry as sheriff if he does not willingly resign.

“The basis for this petition for ouster is the criminal charges that were filed and that Mr. Curry has willfully engaged in misconduct while in office,” Hunting said Wednesday during a press conference, noting that the contents of the petition are under seal by order of the Franklin County District Court. “The decision to file the petition for ouster was not one that was made lightly, however, after my review, the evidence provided to me from the Kansas Bureau of Investigation and the Shawnee District Attorney’s Office and in light of the criminal charges filed by the special prosecutor, the petition for ouster is appropriate and necessary. I take no joy in this decision. ... Unfortunately, I’m left with no choice but to follow through with ouster proceedings. In that regard, I today am asking publicly for Mr. Jeff Curry to resign as sheriff of the Franklin County Sheriff’s office.”

If Curry resigns, the ouster proceedings — which can take several months — would no longer be needed, Hunting said.

Check and The Herald’s Thursday edition for more information on Curry’s arrest.