Breaking up is hard to do, Neil Sedaka sang in the 1980s.

So is moving on.

But the birther movement and the Jeremiah Wright haters do need to move on. They are tilling soil that was plowed almost four years ago during the presidential campaign and yielded a crop of nothingness.

The birthers tried but failed to prove Barack Obama was not a U.S. citizen. And they tried but failed to prove that a minister named Jeremiah Wright, who pastored a church the Obamas attended, would use the president to advance his radical agenda.

The birthers and “Wrighters” are at it again, led this time by the comb-over king, Donald Trump. These issues have been vetted, and the American public is ready to move on, unlike the handful of Trumpeteers.

Give GOP presidential nominee-in-waiting Mitt Romney some credit, though. He has put the kibosh on both issues, telling his surrogates who are trying to fan the flames that he wants no part of their efforts.

And those efforts boggle the mind. In Arizona, the Secretary of State, who moonlights as a campaign chair for Romney, attempted to keep Obama off the ballot in that state because he doubted the president’s citizenship. The SOS, who evidently has as much idle time on his hands as Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach for pointless pursuits, even exchanged several emails with officials in Hawaii and questioned their authentication of Obama’s birth certificate.

But miracle of miracles, after the SOS’s ties to Romney became public, he dropped his one-man birther campaign and said the president would appear on the ballot if he completed his paperwork on time.

Another Romney surrogate — this one with too much PAC money at his disposal — wanted to make Wright the villain again. That effort was short-lived when word came down from the Romney camp that the candidate would disavow such an effort.

On the Democratic side, some want to make Romney’s Mormonism a campaign issue. Dumb move. If voters dislike electing a Mormon as president or a man with past associations to a fiery Chicago preacher, then they know how to mark their ballots. No debate needed.

Neither side needs to manufacture issues that smell like reheated week-old leftovers. There is plenty of new ground to plow between Romney and Obama. The president argues that the economy and job creation have improved under his leadership. Have they?

Romney’s dismal jobs creation record as governor of Massachusetts and his Obama-like health-care law are fair game, as are his claims regarding Bain Capital. But most importantly, both need to offer honest and specific plans — not rhetoric and feel-good sound bites — for putting job growth on the fast track.

There is a wealth of fresh meat for Obama and Romney to offer voters and no time for non-issues.

Wright and the birther debacle smelled 3 1/2years ago. They haven’t improved with age, nor should they be dragged from the trash where they rightly belong.

— The Hutchinson News