It was with astonishment that I comprehended Ottawa University student Katie Seabolt’s column, “OU student curfew too restrictive,” published in the March 17 Herald. The opinion piece from The OU Campus student newspaper had no real connection to us readers or the citizens of the Ottawa community.

It is my understanding that occasionally pieces from The Campus newspaper are published in The Herald. But the importance of the opinion provided should have some significance in the community.

As a father of an Ottawa University student who stays on campus, the enforcement of a curfew on campus is very liberal. However, the curfew is well known to its residents. Furthermore, Ottawa University is a private, liberal arts institution that has rules and regulations established before any student enrolls at the college. Should any resident have a problem with a constrictive rule at the university, not only does one have a choice to attend another private college, but also to enroll in a state institution of higher learning where less restrictive living arrangement rules are clearly evident.

The argument by one writer on campus regarding a curfew really has no interest to a major section of this community. Therefore, publishing an opinion piece on this “problem” can be classified under “Who cares?”

Lastly, as a former journalism student at a state university and adviser to high school newspapers and yearbooks, I am astonished at the subpar writings within The OU Campus newspaper. Not only are the articles within the publication poorly written, but constructions of its messages are so “shotgun” in nature that even potential journalism career individuals’ writings to be published in The Herald need to be carefully formulated and scribed. Seabolt’s March 17 column is tarnished with horrible grammar and no real structure to the opinion piece.

In conclusion, it is good that messages from The Campus newspaper are published in The Herald. However, there should be some significance to the piece for the community.

Furthermore, transferring a column from another source to The Herald should be scanned for significant messages and proper writing fundamentals by the originator of the column. In the case of this given outside source opinion, one can only conclude not much diligent time was spent in providing an important message to Ottawa University students and the community of Ottawa.

— Terry White, Ottawa