As a baseball player I am mad at how many baseball games are canceled because of the rain. This is a reason why Ottawa needs a turf baseball field.

With a turf baseball field, there are hardly any rainouts and it doesnít require any mowing. Also, if there are no rainouts, there are more games. With more games, more people come to watch. If more people come to watch, then the Ottawa Recreation Commissionís baseball complex makes more money.

Finally, if we have a turf baseball field, there will be fewer injuries. Injuries happen a lot with a dirt baseball field, like if a ball hits a bad spot on the field and hits you in the face. Thatís personal experience. Also, your cleats could get stuck in the dirt and that could lead to a severe injury.

Some people might not like this idea because it might cost too much. Also, if people mow the fields, they wonít get paid because turf doesnít need mowing.

This is why Ottawa needs a turf baseball field.

ó Jared Pacenti, Ottawa Middle School sixth grader