Hospital Notes


• Wednesday: Helen Creighton, Ottawa; Ashley Lear, Ottawa; Marvin Rowland, Ottawa.


• Wednesday: Mildred Hamilton, Ottawa; Ashley Williams, Ottawa.

Franklin County Jail

Sheriff’s Department Arrests

• 11:33 a.m. Wednesday, Anderson County Jail, 135 E. Fifth Ave., Garnett, Charles William Gish, 55, on a Franklin County warrant.

Police Department Arrests

• 2:23 p.m. Wednesday, 1200 block of East Logan Street, Dallas Ambler, 23, Ottawa, on a Franklin County warrant.

Sheriff’s Department News


• 11:56 a.m. Wednesday, 200 block of Madison Street, Pomona, a 2008 Mercury Grand Marqui driven by Rollo Knight, 100, Pomona, struck a tree on private property. Knight, who was experiencing back pain, was transported to Ransom Memorial Hospital, 1301 S. Main St., Ottawa.

• 5:28 a.m. Thursday, 4300 block of K-33 near Wellsville, a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe driven by Mary Caenen, 56, Wellsville, was northbound in the 4300 block of K-33 when it struck a deer. No injuries were reported.

Wellsville Police Department News

• Wednesday: 700 block of Main Street, theft report.

Fire Calls

Ottawa Fire Department

• 9:23 p.m. Wednesday, 701 S. Poplar St., firefighters responded to a trash fire.

• Firefighters assisted with two medical calls Wednesday.

Franklin County Fire Departments

• Firefighters assisted with two medical calls Wednesday.