Does the Ottawa school board really care about the Adult Education Center here in Ottawa?

As I attended the school board meeting March 12, the staff, other students and I were there to support the Ottawa Adult Education Center. Karen Ulanski was given five minutes to woo the school board and try to stop the adult education center from moving from the building we are located at now to Neosho County Community College.

As I sat there, Ulanski tried everything she could do to not have the program move to Neosho. From my viewpoint, and in my opinion, I felt as if the school board did not care what the students really thought. Do they really think this will help the students succeed if we move to Neosho?

I feel as if it was about money and only money. Yes, Neosho is a nice campus, but thatís not why we are at the Adult Education Center. We, the students, are here to work hard and accomplish our goals.

I feel if we were to attend Neosho that we would be judged. The thoughts run through my mind as to what students at Neosho would say or think. Many people may look down on us for getting our GED, but did you know that 40 percent of high school students cannot pass the GED?

Everyone has dreams when they were a kid of becoming an astronaut, movie star, doctor or maybe even a gymnast. Some have accomplished their dreams and others have not. Moving to Neosho will discourage myself, and possibly others, from following their dreams.

Where the Adult Education Center is located now is perfectly fine in my opinion. We actually are in a comfortable environment. We all know why we are here and what we need to do, so why move?

Did the school board ever think to come to us, the students and ask what we would like? The answer is no.

ó Taylor Spooner, Ottawa