[Editor’s note: Ottawa historian Louis Reed’s popular “This Week in Ottawa History” column has returned for 2013. Reed culls the most interesting headlines from 100-year-old editions of The Herald to compile each week’s listed items.]

• The 50th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg is to be next July. The names of veterans in Franklin County who fought in that fight are listed.

• The cold weather and the snow are not very conducive to good train service, and many of the trains have been late for the past two days. The Burlington branch train due here at 8:05 o’clock, did not arrive until after 9 o’clock yesterday morning. The engine could not maintain steam, and another engine was sent from Ottawa to Homewood to bring in the cripple.

• Last night was the coldest night this season, and it is classed with the weather of January one year ago. The minimum was negative 8 degrees, although many persons could scarcely believe it this morning.

• NORFOLK, Va. — A belligerent billy goat’s lack of respect for the uniform of the U.S. Army and Navy is said to be the cause for the order by Rear Admiral Boyle in banishing all sailors’ pets and mascots from the battleships, cruisers and receiving ships at this station. Boyle is supposed to have been inside a uniform when a goat mascot aboard the New Hampshire butted the uniform so vigorously that it toppled over on the dock. The goat is now in exile and with him went a long train of cats, dogs, parrots, bears and other goats.