First it was two, then six of our soldiers murdered by Afghans for the unintentional burning of a Koran. These were reprisal murders. Then President Obama apologized for the incident and liberal military leaders considered punishing the men involved. How insulting to our courageous men. No one has apologized for the Bibles that have been burned by the Muslims, the thousands of Christians who have been murdered or are now on death row, or the thousands of churches that have been burned in Africa alone.

The truth is it has been “Murder She Wrote” since the Koran was written about 600 A.D. It says that infidels to the Muslim religion are the “worst animals” (Koran 8:55). These infidels “ ... will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off” (Koran 5:33-34). Allah: “I will cast dread into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads then, and strike off from them every fingertip” (Koran  8:12).

Jihad, or holy war, is mentioned more than 40 times in the Koran. One of the consequences of Mohammed’s Jihad vision was the slaughter of more than 900 men from the last Jewish tribe in Medina, his mother’s hometown. Mohammed decapitated 800 to 900 men in front of their families in 627 A.D.

And the president of the United States apologized for the unintentional burning of this book? He says his apology subsided the fist-shaking crowd. Maybe he ought to watch the evening news.

It is so sad. Their delusion is strong. Oh, that they knew the true Savior, Jesus Christ, and the true God of the Bible, that their sins could be washed away in the Savior’s atoning blood and that they had peace. We must continue to pray to that end.

— Daryl McNabb,

Peniel Bible Church,