I am glad we still have a way to express ourselves for free in written, tangible form. Thanks, Ottawa Herald, for keeping the Reader Forum section. I do not often write in, but I do read most of the letters to get a pulse on the community.

I feel a need to write now after hearing so many discouraged voters lament about the dismal pickings for president. I know there still are many who are glued to party colors and want to make sure they end up on the winning team when they cast their votes. I am writing to help all those who wish to find out more about politics and their candidates. I hope people will research who they vote for in this election and not just base it on party affiliation or an issue that affects less than 1 percent of the population.

I know the Internet has as many drawbacks as the mainstream media, but it does offer — for free — a multitude of thoughts and opinions that you will never hear about in the mainstream media. So, I challenge you to check out your candidates and look at some you have never heard of, like Buddy Roemer, a Republican candidate who actually qualified for an early debate, but was never allowed to by the media. I wonder why they were afraid to allow a former governor and congressman into the Republican debate?

You can access information on a lot of candidates, regardless of party affiliation, online at Americans Elect.  Checkout “Campaign Ad Watch” to help you wade through all the negative campaign ads. Find out who funds these candidates and why Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have virtually the same backers. It is imperative that we vote for the right candidate and not just the lesser of two evils this time around.

Do not rely on spoon-fed media politics to keep you abreast of the latest information. Many times the greatest lies are not what has been said, but what has been left untold.

— Kelly Pinet, Pomona