Does the holiday season have your stomach rumbling?

Today’s edition of The Herald begins our “Twelve in 12/12” series, which will present features throughout the rest of December that play on the number 12. Why 12? Because it’s December — the twelfth month of 2012 — and because our series will offer readers fun, relevant information — some related to the holidays, some not — in groups of 12.

Our first feature takes a look at food in Franklin County, offering up 12 local eats.

While the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas might make many of us think of turkeys, hams and any number of decadent desserts, Franklin County restaurants and businesses offer a variety of tasty foods year-round. From the well-established tastes of Guy and Mae’s and Buzzard’s Pizza to the newer flavors at El Sol Mexican restaurant and Smoked Creations barbecue, Ottawa and Franklin County have a dish to meet the needs of nearly every hungry person’s palate.

Today’s list, of course, isn’t a complete rundown of all the restaurants in the county, nor is it an attempt to name a “Top 12” for Franklin County diners. It’s simply a fun look at the wide variety of eats offered by local businesses. With more than 50 restaurants in the Ottawa area, we could spend weeks detailing the many worthy flavors of Franklin County.

But we won’t.

Instead, each day of the “Twelve in 12/12” series will have a different topic. Coming up: 12 disaster preparedness tips, 12 holiday lighting displays and, of course, the top 12 stories of 2012, among others.

We hope today’s first installment of the series leaves you hungry for more.

— Tommy Felts,

managing editor