The Ottawa High School football team’s offense came up with big drives at the right time Friday in its homecoming game against Spring Hill at Steve Grogan Stadium.

Ottawa fell behind 17-14 with 8:24 left in the game and responded. Ottawa drove 56 yards in six plays to retake the lead at 20-17. Ottawa then ran out the final 2:52 to seal the deal for a homecoming victory.

“Offensive line got it done,” Ottawa coach Rob Hedrick said. “They imposed their will. They wanted it more. The boys ran hard. It was a great team effort.

“When they scored late there to take the lead, the boys were alright. They knew we were OK. They got it done.”

Andre Lewis had runs of 17 and 22 on the drive to set up the 10-yard touchdown pass to Trey Rich with 5:28. Isaac McCullough rolled to his left and found a wide open Rich.

“That was our power pass,” Hedrick said. “When you are running the ball that set up those kind of things. Isaac improvised a little bit. It was a nice catch. That was the first time we have done that all year. You can run the ball when they know you are gonna. AJ, Kord [Ferguson] and Alex [Lynch] were horses. It was fun.”

Ottawa got the ball back with 2:52 left and picked up two first downs on the ground. Spring Hill called all three timeouts, but the time ran out.

Hedrick said Spring Hill threw a wrinkle at Ottawa with a different defense.

“They came out in a defense they have not played all year in the first half,” Hedrick said. “We struggled with it. We had some decent offense in the second. We adjusted. They were letting us know what was going on.”

The coach said the Cyclones needed something good to happen early, and it did in the form of a 92-yard kickoff return from Lewis.

Zach Dillard returned an interception for a score in the second quarter to give Ottawa a 14-2 halftime lead.

The Ottawa defense returned to form after two off games.

“Defense got so many stops ... forced turnovers,” Hedrick said. “We had three turnovers and the defense still got the job done. I am glad the fans had a good show tonight.

“It comes back to the senior leadership.”