Memorial Day marked the unofficial start to summer vacation season and, for many, the destination of choice is area lakes and other recreation vehicle-friendly locales.

When people have the choice to go anywhere for a vacation, why do they choose to go using an RV? Most RVers say they enjoy getting away more often — frequently with little to no planning required when they go in an RV. Besides the ability to get up and go when they like, RVers also enjoy spending quality time with their families, an opportunity to escape stress, a chance to eat healthier food and to travel less expensively than other options, according to a  biannual “Campfire Canvass” survey of RV owners.

Though many might assume gas prices would discourage some to go the RV route, most report taking an RV as a more economical route that enables them to “sleep in their own bed,” take along their pets and be closer to the great outdoors and nature. RVers can easily go to a closer destination and stay longer when they own their own abode on wheels. Those mini-vacations can provide the respite many need from everyday demands as well as being great opportunities to tailgate and celebrate special occasions throughout the year.

Such home-away-from-home environments can’t be beat for having your own space, too. This past weekend, the campgrounds were full, according to Brad Cox with the Corps of Engineers at Pomona Lake. Besides camping, fishing and boating, people also were picnicking. Pomona Lake campgrounds, like many others, fill up fast, so campers are encouraged to make reservations through the national reservation service by calling (877) 444-6777. A quick look online shows nearly 20 camping destinations within 30 miles of Ottawa. And don’t forget such private campgrounds as one in Homewood. That’s a lot to choose from for your next mini-vacation.

Bottom line, being conscientious of others’ time, space, safety and the land makes for positive outdoor experiences — whether in a tent or an RV — for everyone involved.


— Jeanny Sharp, editor and publisher