Reports of cyberattacks targeting Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation in Burlington and other nuclear power plants across the country are “deeply concerning and a serious threat to national security,” U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran, a Kansas Republican, said in a statement issued Friday morning.

The New York Times and several other news agencies reported Thursday hackers have been targeting companies operating nuclear power stations, including Wolf Creek.

The potential for cyberattacks prompted the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to issue an urgent warning June 28 to nuclear utility companies, according to media reports Thursday.

“Our nation’s energy companies fuel the American economy and must be protected from bad actors trying to disrupt our energy sector networks,” Moran said. “I am working with the appropriate authorities to learn more about the cyberattacks at Wolf Creek and ways in which our federal government can work more closely with the private sector to protect our critical infrastructure systems from cyberattacks.”

The New York Times and Bloomberg published details from a joint report released by Homeland Security and FBI last month that documented hackers’ efforts to infiltrate nuclear power plant systems across the United States, including Wolf Creek.

Security experts and other U.S. officials said cyberattacks against nuclear power facilities could disrupt the power grid, according to media reports. Homeland Security and FBI, in a joint statement Thursday, said there is no current threat to the public, the New York Times reported.