Consumers will need to dig a bit deeper in their pockets to pay for gasoline.

Gas prices are on the rise in Kansas and most of the nation following last week’s Fourth of July holiday. Ottawa gas prices are in line with the average across the state, according to AAA statistics released Monday. Ottawa’s price jumped 10 cents this past weekend from $1.99 to $2.09 per gallon for unleaded gas.

Kansas lags behind the national average of $2.26, which is three cents higher than a week ago, according to AAA. Gas prices have been moving higher since this past Thursday, AAA reported.

It was the first time in five weeks the national average increased, according to AAA. Kansas prices increased five cents, marking the seventh largest increase in America, Shawn Steward, AAA spokesman, said.

“Gas prices are still at some of the cheapest prices we’ve seen this year, but consumers should take advantage of them while they can,” Steward said. “This week, drivers in 31 states, including Kansas, are paying more than last week for a gallon of gas. And AAA expects to see slight price increases throughout July.”

The highest price of gas per gallon in Kansas is $2.40 in Wilson (near Hays) and the lowest is $1.90 in Galena (southeast corner). AAA statistics revealed 40 Kansas communities have gas at $2 per gallon or less. Last week, 94 communities registered $2 or less. Kansas’ average gas price is the 12th lowest in the nation.

The Kansas cities with the largest increases were Lawrence (13 cents), Kansas City (11 cents) and Wichita (10 cents), AAA reported.

Average gas prices in Emporia, Hays and Topeka declined slightly this week.

All states in the Great Lakes and central states saw gasoline prices increase last week, on average by six cents, according to AAA. The five states that saw some of the country’s largest price increases this week were: Indiana (15 cents), Ohio (15 cents), Michigan (13 cents), Kentucky (11 cents) and Kansas (5 cents).