TOPEKA — Taking a second look at a Kansas Lottery Crossword tickets might be a good idea.

An Overbrook woman took that advice to heart and turned a $2 Double Bonus Crossword ticket into a $20,000 prize.

“When I play Crosswords, I always go back and check them again,” Treva Koch, 67, Overbrook, said. “Last Friday night, I played four Double Bonus Crossword tickets. I thought I had uncovered seven words on one, but when I rechecked, I realized there was another letter in the ‘Bonus’ area that I had not scratched off. That extra letter gave me a total of 10 words and a $20,000 prize!”

Koch, who lives next door to her daughter, Carrie, and her family, made a quick walk to her house with the news.

“She didn’t believe it at first, but after she and her husband looked at the ticket they said, ‘Yes, you did!’” Koch said.

Koch will use her prize money to pay bills and may take a trip to Pennsylvania to see two of her sisters, one of them is her twin, she said.

Koch said she buys a few Double Bonus Crossword tickets every week, and will continue to do so because she enjoys playing. She purchased her $20,000 Double Bonus Crossword ticket at Domans General Store in Vassar.