Retail sellers of tobacco will only need to renew their city license every two years now, consistent with the State of Kansas.

Ottawa city commissioners voted 4-0 to amend a municipal code that requires sellers to renew their tobacco license annually. Commissioner Eric Crowley was not present. Amy Finch, city clerk, said Ottawa is wanting to be consistent with the way it issues its alcohol licences as well, so this will bring the same matching terms to retail tobacco.

“Our hope is that it will make it easier for those seeking the permits through the city because right now, before the change, they were able to reapply with the state on a two-year cycle, but the city was still requiring an annual,” Finch said. “So they were having to come renew their city license while their state license still had time remaining.”

The change will not affect consumers, but will be in effect for any entity — gas stations, grocery and convenience stores — wishing to sell tobacco.

“Fees will stay the same,” Finch said. “This is only for those organizations selling retail tobacco.”

The revised ordinance can be seen in today’s issue of the Herald, and will go into effect upon publication, Finch said. Businesses do not immediately have to take action, but the city will provide any information they might need, she added.

“We send out communications to the applicants for their renewals, so we will just include the updated language in the renewal package when we send those out,” Finch said.