Macksville Junior Varsity cross country runners Lydia Mendez and Jesus Ibarra both placed in the top five a the Pratt Invitational.

For once, the weather turned out AOK for the Macksville Running Mustangs with the temperature at the starts a fairly comfortable 78 degrees along with a slight breeze last Thursday afternoon.

The Meet, held at Pratt’s Invitational at the Sixth Street Park Course had twenty teams entered, from class 1A on up to Class 4A. The course consisted of small inclines and obstacles.

In the Girls Varsity Race, Macksville’s Itzel Garcia placed 22nd with a time of 23:58. Serena Blaske placed 28th with a time of 25:15.

The Girls Junior Varsity had six gals entered, starting with Lydia Mendez in third place with a time of 25:58. Behind her was Anna Suiter who placed 8th with a time of 27:58. Caren Holguin placed 10th 28:10, Kaylee Hottovy placed 11th 29:35, Kiley Blevins placed 13th 30:25, and Elena Kuckelman placed 17th 33:15.

The Team averages had the Ladies in 14th place, with a point average of 28:06.

In the Boys Varsity Race, Macksville’s Andrew Cross placed 35th with a time of 19:55. Following him was Gabe Wolff placing 37th with a time of 19:56. Jacob Suiter placed 40th 20:25, and Brandon Ibarra placed 43rd 20:52.

The Boys Junior Varsity had Jesus Ibarra placing 5th with a time of 20:18. Behind him was Harley Blaske placing 20th with a time of 22:38. Trey Britton placed 24th 22:45, and Wilhelm Penner placed 39th 24:45.

The Team Average for the boys was 30th place, with a point average of 21:30.

Last Thursday’s meet at Sterling.

“We did not run as a team since we had Anna injured, Gabe with an illness and Kiley gone” said Macksville’s head coach Mike Hullman. “We ran well with Andrew and Jacob both going under the 20 Minute barrier. Both were season and career PR's. Seniors Brandon and Wilhelm both had good races for us as well. It started out with a lot of humidity and then a front went through and the humidity dropped. Senior Serena had another PR as she just keeps getting better and better. It is a good time for us to start running well because we now have our League Meet, Regionals, and State left.”