A soybean thief struck Franklin County.

A local resident reported Sunday to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office about 50 bushels of soybeans were harvested from a field in the 2100 block of Ohio Road.

Dusty Nichols, who farms that property, wants to find out who stole an estimated $500 of soybeans.

“It has been over a week since this happened,” Nichols said. “Nobody has owned up to it. I would like to see who did it own up to it and the fact it shows they are not as trustworthy as others believe.”

Nichols hopes this is not a trend and wanted the word out there about the theft.

“I wanted to make others aware this is happening ... at least it happened to us,” she said. “You can’t watch all the fields 24/7. Somebody went in, did not even cut straight, they went in at an angle, turned around and cut a swath back in the middle of the field.”

Nichols found out about the theft from a neighboring farmer, who called to see if they had their combine running.

“The motor on our combine blew up last year and we are trying to get it running,” Nichols said.

Nichols said a farmer down the road messaged her, saying that it must have happened during the night because he noticed the field was not cut when he came home from work.

Whoever did it maneuvered a combine through a tricky low water bridge, Nichols said.

“It seems like somebody went to a lot of trouble,” she said. “The amount that they cut — depending on the combine — they did not need a truck to haul it out.”