Sometimes being in journalism can be a little like drinking from a firehose — so much information and so many stories coming at you. Where to turn, and what to give attention too can be challenging.

Today, and this editorial, is a great example. This editorial could easily pontificate on the meaning of the elections we just witnessed this week. What does rejection of the school bond mean — not only for our school district but the community as a whole? What does the rejection of the sale of Camp Hawk — and the overwhelming nature of the vote — mean for the county parks department, commissioners and taxpayers? Then there are the rumblings about education funding at the state level, and tax policy at the national level. So many great topics.

But if you stop, take a breath and focus, one can easily find what is important on this day. 

Thank you.

Yep, thanks. Thanks to the Veterans — both living and lost — who served this nation and served it well throughout its history. Today is Veteran's Day (And, we believe, every day should be Veteran's Day). Today we say thank you. There is no way we can really repay the debt we owe to you.

Thanks. We appreciate all you have done, and the protection of the freedoms we hold dear. We thank you for the sacrifice, whether it be a few years of your life or your life, that you made to stand on the wall and keep us safe. These words are not, nor will they ever be, enough to truly show you the gratitude and respect you have earned.


— Kansan Editorial board