Ransom Memorial Hospital Notes


• Thursday: Joyce Harvey, Ottawa.


• Wednesday: Betty Hill, Leavenworth; Mary Yakle, Pomona.

Franklin County Jail

Sheriff’s Office Arrests

• 9:37 p.m. Wednesday, 100 block of Monroe Street, Pomona, Gunner Thompson, 25, Pomona, was arrested on a Franklin County warrant for failing to submit himself to the Franklin County Detention Center, as well as interference with law enforcement, after barricading himself inside a residence during an attempt to arrest him for the warrant.

Police Department Arrests

• 10:12 p.m. Tuesday, 700 block of South Oak Street, Sadi Engebretson, 27, Ottawa, on a Neosho County warrant, after being contacted on a traffic stop.

• 2:56 p.m. Wednesday, 100 block of East First Street, Willies Estrada-Carvajal, 22, Ottawa, on suspicion of transporting an open container, after being stopped for not wearing a seatbelt.

• 10:59 a.m. Thursday, 400 block of South Cedar Street, Michelle Shaw, 37, Ottawa, on suspicion of driving while suspended, after being stopped for a traffic violation.

• 1:28 a.m. Friday, 1100 block of North Main Street, a 14-year-old Baldwin City youth on suspicion of interference with law enforcement and minor in possession of tobacco, after being contacted for a curfew violation.

Sheriff’s Office News


• 12:23 p.m. Wednesday, 4300 block of Rock Creek Road, Rantoul, Anthony Harden, 21, Independence, Missouri, was showing a friend how to take his pistol apart when he accidentally discharged it. The round went through his hand and entered his thigh. Harden was transported to Overland Park Regional for non-life threatening injuries. The case is under investigation.

• 3:54 p.m. Wednesday, 400 block of Central Avenue, Richmond, a 9-year-old Richmond boy was riding his bicycle on Central Street when he was bitten by a pit bull-mix dog. The boy received minor injuries and his mother declined an ambulance.

• 6:48 p.m. Wednesday, 700 block of West Fifth Street, Lane, a 65-year-old Lane woman reported she had flames coming from the roof of her residence. The fire was extinguished, but the house suffered severe damage. The cause of the fire and estimated loss were not known Wednesday evening.

• 1:26 a.m. Thursday, 100 block of Monroe Street, Pomona, a 26-year-old Ottawa woman reported she was involved in a physical altercation with a known man while sitting in her vehicle with him. A report will be forwarded to the county attorney’s office for possible prosecution.


• 11:15 a.m. Tuesday, 3100 block of K-68, a StagePro employee reported that on an unknown date someone stole a trailer and aluminum items from the business. Estimated loss was $42,500. After an investigation, Shawn Scott, 32, Ottawa, was arrested on suspicion of felony theft.


• 9:18 a.m. Tuesday, 3500 block of Idaho Road, a 2001 Chevrolet Silverado driven by Danny Baker, 44, Pomona, was northbound on Idaho Road when it struck the back of a 2015 Ford Edge driven by Evonna James, 55, Pomona. No injuries reported.

• 7:56 p.m. Tuesday, 2300 block of I-35, a 2015 Jaguar XJL driven by Gerald Wilkins, 52, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, was northbound on I-35 when it struck a deer.

• 7:34 a.m. Wednesday, 1900 block of I-35 at milepost 175, a 2011 Chevrolet Equinox driven by Melissa Ewert, 28, Emporia, was northbound on I-35 when it struck a deer.

• 6:26 a.m. Thursday, 500 block of K-68, Pomona, a Ford Escape driven by Alex Higbie, 28, Pomona, was eastbound on K-68 when it struck a deer.

• 8:23 a.m. Thursday, 900 block of K-68, Pomona, a 2013 Chevrolet driven by Tahmi Standish, 27, Ottawa, was westbound on K-68 when it struck a deer.

• 4:10 p.m. Thursday, 600 block of Hoover Street, Pomona, a 13-year-old Pomona girl lost control of her father’s 2006 Dodge pickup truck and struck a 1983 Chevrolet Caprice owned by Sandra Brittingham, 63, Pomona. No injuries reported.

Police Department News


• 8:13 a.m. Wednesday, 300 block of North Main Street, a 48-year-old Ottawa woman reported an unknown suspect damaged property owned by Dodds Memorial.

• 12:45 p.m. Wednesday, 1400 block of East Logan Street, a stolen vehicle with known suspects refused to stop for officers, causing a pursuit. The case is under investigation.

• 1:39 p.m. Wednesday, 1200 block of East Seventh Street, a 66-year-old Ottawa man reported an unknown suspect damaged his 1990 Dodge.


• 12:35 p.m. Tuesday, Walmart Supercenter, 2101 S. Princeton St., a 65-year-old Ottawa woman reported a theft by an unknown suspect.

• 7:16 p.m. Tuesday, Shoe Sensation, 2208 S. Princeton St., a 51-year-old Ottawa woman reported two known subjects stole items. The case is under investigation.

• 1:17 p.m. Wednesday, Walmart Supercenter, 2101 S. Princeton St., a store representative reported a woman stole items from the store. Miranda Sims, 28, Ottawa, was issued a citation on suspicion of theft.


• 1 p.m. Wednesday, I-35 at milepost 187 (K-68/Logan Street exit, Ottawa), a 2013 Dodge driven by Timothy Cronin, 67, Ottawa, struck the back end of a 2015 Nissan driven by Alison Klempnauer, 66, Olathe, on the off-ramp. No injuries were reported. Cronin was issued a citation for inattentive driving.

• 3:11 p.m. Wednesday, 1000 block of South Main Street, a 2011 Kia driven by Jenna Devore, 18, Ottawa, was struck from behind by a 2013 Toyota driven by Harley Free, 23, Ottawa. No injuries were reported. Free was cited for following too close and no proof of insurance.

Wellsville Police Department News

• Tuesday: 400 block of West Fourth Street, public assist; 300 block of West Second Terrace, theft; 300 block of West Second Terrace, civil matter.