Ransom Memorial Health raised the curtain on its new 16,000-square-foot emergency department facility in December — with hundreds of people flocking to an open house at the hospital, 1301 S. Main St., Ottawa, to view the new facility.

“They should expect the same friendly care they were receiving before in our small facility, but now in a new, state-of-the-art surroundings,” Angie Welch, director of emergency services at RMH, said. “We still want to have the same personal, small-town feel. We want them to have the same big city medicine. We will incorporate both of those together.”

RMH broke ground on the new emergency facility in spring 2016. The new emergency department dwarfs the old facility with 12 patient rooms and the capacity to increase to 14. There are also two rooms for trauma patients. Welch said the hospital outgrew the current seven-room facility as more than 13,000 patients were expected to come through the emergency department doors in 2017, according to the hospital.

“We are looking for quicker and more efficient service,” Welch said. “The new space — they not only have the technology — but the ambiance. We have worked very had to make sure Franklin County got a state-of-the-art facility they have deserved for sometime. We have the space to take care of [patients] now.”

The public will be greeted by a large open lobby with a salt water aquarium full of fish at the west end. There will be amenities such as coffee and water with lots of seating available.

Each of the rooms are set up with the latest technology and equipment.

“We updated all our computers, cardiac monitoring system which is what we monitor people’s heart rhythms on and vital signs,” Welch said. “It is in all of the rooms. We have a new call light system which allows us to take care of our patients. The call lights work on the TVs, so the patients will have access to entertainment.”

The two trauma rooms will be equipped with the latest monitoring devices.

“In the old facility, we had just one room we could utilize for both trauma and resuscitation,” Welch said. “In the new facility, we have two rooms that are very state-of-the-art. We have boons that have all your patient care items directly above [them], so you can give full 360 care around the patient.”

Welch said RMH added staff to take care of the patients.

“We have more square footage to walk,” Welch said. “We have added a 24/7 charge nurse that will be our navigator nurse. That is the person that deals with patient flow to transition them quickly and effectively.”

Welch said RMH has 12 doctors in the emergency department, which are available 24 hours each day.

“We do 12-hour shifts with our physicians,” she said. “We have the same kind of physicians they have at Lawrence or Olathe in the emergency department. Coming here is a safe answer. We have added new cardiology services and pediatrics. We continue to add more resources.”