The sign is big and caught the attention of many area residents. The Ransom Memorial Health sign was erected on the side of the new Ransom Memorial Hospital Emergency Department and is visible from Main Street.

Brenda Pfizenmaier, RMH public relations director, explained Ransom Memorial Hospital is still in use, but it now refers to the physical building at 1301 S. Main St., Ottawa. She said the new Ransom Memorial Health name is an umbrella for all the RMH buildings, offices and clinics.

“We will be a branded house,” Pfizenmaier said. “We wanted folks to see RMH and know it all belongs under a branded house. We have a ton of different conglomerates of logos, which does not tie us back to Ransom Memorial. We wanted to come up with a modern and consistent brand that would let everybody know that it ties back to Ransom Memorial.”

Pfizenmaier used an example of people not associating Wellsville Family Medical Clinic with Ransom Memorial. Other RMH entities include Internal Medicine Associates of Ottawa, Ottawa Neurology, Women’s Health and the Gollier Rehabilitation Center, 901 S. Main St., Ottawa.

“We wanted to be modern and consistent,” Pfizenmaier said. “It’s a name that really identifies and reflects what health care is at Ransom Memorial because we are so much more. We are a health system. We promote good health in every aspect of your life. We have over 40 service areas. We have more than 80 providers. We are growing and adding more and more services. That will tie us together.”

John Coen, an RMH board member, said it made sense to add an all encompassing brand name.

“It is an effort to create a brand to bring everything [together],” he said. “We did not want to get rid of Ransom. People understood the Ransom family was important to the community.”

Pfizenmaier echoed the same sentiments about the Ransom name.

“Ransom is loved and golden in our community,” she said. “We don’t want to get rid of that. Our ultimate goal is to take care of your health in every aspect. That is why we want to be called Ransom Memorial Health.”

Pfizenmaier said signs at all the RMH locations will soon be up with the initials RMH on one side and the name of the health service on the other.

“You will start to see that ‘Ransom Memorial Health’ everywhere,” she said. “All our signs outside will be changing.”

She said with the opening of the hospital’s new 16,000-square-foot emergency department two weeks ago was a good time to roll out the new brand name.

“We thought this would be the best time to highlight growth,” Pfizenmaier said. “We are so much more than when we opened our doors in 1931. We are much more than a hospital.”