Gollier Rehabilitation and Wellness Center officials are thankful a Thursday incident ended with no one hurt.

A young female deer broke through a window on the west side of the rehab center, 901 S. Main St., Ottawa, at about 11:15 a.m. scattering broken glass onto the floor. The deer sprinted its way south through the rehab center before hitting a door, knocking itself out, Gollier officials said.

“We were just sitting here and heard the glass,” Jerri Beckwith, who was working at the reception desk at Gollier, said. “We said, ‘What was that?’ We stood up and looked and there came the deer.”

Marcy LaPlant, who was also working at the reception desk, noted the deer came in fast.

“It was running full speed, looked over at Jerri, hit the door and knocked itself out,” she said. “It was pretty much a straight shot.”

No injuries were reported from the incident, and very minor damage to the building occurred besides the busted out window.

The deer did not die right away, but officials noted the injuries were severe enough that she would. Animal Control was contacted to tend to the deer.

“Our engineering department and environmental services were quick to respond to make sure we cleaned up as quick as we could,” Brenda Pfizenmaier, public relations director for Ransom Memorial Health, said. “That, and to make sure we blocked everything so no one would be cut [on the glass].”

Pfizenmaier, who was at Gollier at the time the deer broke through the glass, said she was thankful everyone inside was OK. Gollier had a full house at the time it happened, she noted.

“I feel very blessed and thankful that there were no patients or employees that got hurt,” she said. “Where it happened, there were no patients sitting.”

Suffron Glass in Ottawa was contacted, and the window was boarded up. It is set to be replaced within the coming weeks.