To get you through the rest of 2018, our parent company GateHouse Media is offering hundreds of tips for living in their new lifestyle section, “Time and Money: Spend both wisely” featured inside today’s edition of the Herald. The special section is behind the regular paper, so here’s four more healthy living tips to tide you over.

Between busy work weeks and expensive food prices, eating healthy can be a tall order.

However, it’s not an impossible task, according to Cheryl Allen, Ransom Memorial Health registered dietitian and food service director. Allen was on hand to offer four healthy eating tips Friday afternoon.

• Keep it simple

“It’s always safe to return to the basics — fruits, vegetables, lean meats. When you go into grocery stores, it’s good to not go in hungry, to have a list, and to plan ahead.

• Plan meals to save time

“Eating healthy doesn’t have to take longer. A lot of times people tell me that they go and get fast food because they don’t have time to cook. However, there’s a lot of things you can do if you plan ahead. You can throw portions of meat in the oven and make them while you are microwave steaming your vegetables to go with your meal, for example. It doesn’t have to take that long.”

• Consider canned and frozen alternatives

“Fresh fruits and vegetables, depending on the season, can be very pricey. But there is a wide variety of frozen vegetables. You can buy frozen vegetables and take out as much as you need, if you are serving one or two people. Fresh fruits, if they are not in season, then you are going to pay a higher dollar. And even if you pay the higher dollar, sometimes because they aren’t in season, they aren’t very tasty or good. So frozen fruits are great, you can make smoothies or mix frozen blueberries with vanilla yogurt.”

• Eat right, at the right times

“People should be eating at least three times a day, or even more. But at least three meals a day, and not going long times without eating. Get your metabolism jump-started in the morning. We recommend that you eat within the first one to two hours after you get up. Your metabolism is kind of like a fire — you’ve got to keep the fire burning throughout the day, so if you start the day and don’t put any fuel in, that’s not healthy for your metabolism.”