A county farmer encountered a problem near his ponds and was determined to fix it.

Terry Silvius in early 2014 saw his livestock tearing up his ponds and knew he needed to rectify it.

“We always tried to protect our farms,” Silvius said.

He ended up developing a plan to install watering facilities and reduced the livestock travel and increased the lifespan of the ponds.

For his work, the Silvius family was the recipient Thursday of the 2017 Franklin County Conservation District’s Bankers Award for water quality at Celebration Hall on the Franklin County Fairgrounds.

Silvius said the award means a lot to him and his family.

“Our cattle were ruining the banks of the pond and ruining the water in the pond,” he said. “We decided to [redo] one or two of the ponds.”

Silvius expressed his thanks to the Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP), he was able to complete the project all at once and not spread it over a few years.

“It is a process,” Silvius said. “You have to go through the process, applications and get the approval.”

He said the Franklin County conservation district officials were a big help in completing the paperwork.

Kyle Peine, Goppert State Service Bank, Pomona, introduced and presented the award to Silvius. He said the Silvius family became interested in working to improve the grazing distribution in his pastures, improve the quality of his stock water and extend the life of the existing ponds.

“The original plan was to spread the work out over several years, however Terry, his wife Carolyn and their son decided to complete the project all at once,” Peine said. “Terry and Dale decided to use large tires to construct the water tanks. After the watering facilities were installed, all the ponds had fence constructed around them to prevent livestock access.”

Peine said five watering facilities were installed and five ponds had fence built around them by the son.