Fifth-grade students from Garfield Elementary recently completed the Health Adventures Program sponsored by the Ransom Memorial Health Auxiliary. The program completed its 16th year in partnership with Garfield Elementary for Health Adventures.

The program is designed to provide the kids with an opportunity to learn more about health care professions, the working of a hospital, potential job skills, and volunteering. Each student is paired with a volunteer mentor. They attended sessions once a month for four months beginning in January. They toured and learned about radiology, lab, respiratory therapy, surgery, ambulance service and emergency department. They also spent time at the Gollier Rehabilitation Center,

At the end of the adventure, a celebration took place where the students were awarded a certificate of completion. Volunteer mentors for the program were Carol Bauck, Melvin Bauck, Cathy Brown, Claudia Gibson, Kathy Hinderliter, Linda Jensen, Doreen Newby, Dean Royse, Sylvia Starkey and Angeline Wootten.