A new campaign to purchase a service dog for a 5-year-old Wellsville boy is underway, after a donor agreed to pay the full price for the dog in May but did not follow through.

“We had a GoFundMe page originally and it was doing really well,” Dylan’s mother, Amy Beam, said. “And then a donor came through and said he was going to take care of the rest and the travel costs. They kept telling the dog company it would be tomorrow or it would be in two days, it was very chaotic. We actually even gave up a $2,500 travel voucher, because we thought it was covered [and] we wanted it to go to another kid.”

Efforts to locate the donor have been unsuccessful, Beam said, so she hopes the new campaign will get the dog to help with Dylan’s diagnosis.

“He has epilepsy. He has something called dysautonomia which means the regulatory functions of your body don’t work correctly,” she said. “He has anhidrosis which makes it so his body doesn’t sweat, so he overheats very easy.”

She said the purpose of the dog, which will be purchased from Sit Service Dogs, an Illinois-based company, is to alert people when Dylan is having a seizure. The dog will be trained to roll Dylan on to his side if he is having a bad seizure so he does not choke. The dog can also alert people when Dylan is overheating.

“The doctors are more concerned about him overheating than even the seizures,” she said. “You can have many seizures and still be OK, but if you overheat, you have a stroke.”

The new campaign has raised half of the $6,000 needed to purchase the dog. The most important thing the dog will do, Beam said, is to give Dylan some freedom.

“It will let him be a little boy,” she said.

To make a donation, visit the gofundme page at https://www.gofundme.com/5mbsns8