The Franklin County Historical Society is sponsoring an archeological presentation, an FCHS official said.

Kansas archaeologist Aaron Colgrove will present “Archaeology in Your Own Backyard” 2 p.m. July 29 at Neosho County Community College, 900 E. Logan St., Ottawa.

Colgrove is the principal archaeologist with Icarus Archaeology LLC and works in conjunction with multiple county museums in Eastern Kansas, Diana Staresinic-Deane, FCHS executive director said. He assists museums in artifact identification and curation, site damage assessments and repairs, and public outreach and education, she said.

“Preserving the past allows those who are no longer with us to be remembered and their stories retold,” Colgrove said. “Being an archaeologist allows me a chance to preserve our collective heritage so that future generations can appreciate the victories and hardships our ancestors had to endure.”

The free program explores what archaeology is and isn’t and examines tools used by modern archaeologists, Staresinic-Deane said. Colgrove will talk about potential hazards that can come with excavating artifacts as well as from the artifacts themselves, and he’ll explain some of the national and state laws and debunk a few myths pertaining to discovering artifacts, she said.

“As pieces of farm tools, dishes, pottery, arrowheads, and nails come to the surface, they connect us to the past,” Staresinic-Deane said.