The Kansas governor's race is a virtual tie with both Kobach and Colyer having 41 percent of the vote. Kobach has just a 191 vote lead.

The Kansas Republican governor's race is a virtual tie with both Jeff Colyer and Kris Kobach tied with 41 percent of the vote. Vote totals are: Colyer 126,066; Kobach 126,257 for a difference of just 191 votes with all precincts reporting. As of 8:45 a.m. on Aug. 8, the Secretary of State's office was working on an official statement concerning the outcome of the governor's race.

Locally, Clayton Grimmett (R) was unopposed for County Commisson Dist. 1 and received 261 votes.

Todd Wycoff (R), also unopposed for an unexpired term for County Commission Dist. 2 reveived 281votes.

On the democratic side, Laura Kelly took the race with 78,746 votes and some 48,000 votes more than her closest opponent Carl Brewer.

Greg Lewis is the Republican candidate for state Representative District 113 with 1,041 votes to Brett Fairchild's 512 votes. David Curtis is the Democrat winner with 181 votes to David Serrault with 66.

Board of Education Member 5th District Jean Clifford (R) was unopposed with 692 votes.

District Court Judge for Dist. 20 Div. 1 race was won by Scott McPherson (R) with 532 votes over Carey Hipp (R) with 295 votes.

All results are unofficial until ballots are canvassed.