The Butler County Board of Commissioners adopted a budget with a 12.5 percent decrease in expenditures at Tuesday’s meeting.

The 2019 budget has a ceiling of $47,314,240 in expenditures, down from $53,918,820 in 2018. The decrease represents about a half mill reduction.

The total county budget has set a max mill levy at 34.263. Total property taxes levied for 2019 is budgeted at $25,567,632, about a $1 million increase from the prior budget.

The commissioners also approved budgets and resolutions for Butler County Fire Districts No. 1 to 9 Tuesday.

Seven of the nine fire districts will spend more than taxes will bring in so the county had to pass resolutions with the budgets to allow for the expenditures.

The Augusta Public Safety Building at 2100 Ohio Street has been approved to seek bids to replace a roof top heating, ventilation and air-conditioning unit.

Over the past three years $10,394.35 has been spent on maintenance of the original RTU from 2001.