In recent news, the State of Kansas has renewed a contract with the contractor that has been operating the clearinghouse for Medicaid Applications in Kansas and there is also yet again a renewed call for Kansas to expand Medicaid.

There are four problems that continue to be ignored.

The first problem is that the clearinghouse contractor Maximus is failing to do its job, has failed to do its job, and should not have had the contract renewed.

The second problem is that nobody is paying attention to the taxpayer money that is lost by the failure of Maximus to do so.

The third problem is that in order to expand Medicaid, nobody is taking into consideration those over 4,000 Kansans that are waiting on the HCBS Waiver list and have been waiting for up to eight years in some instances. None of the advocates for expanding Medicaid include any plans at all to end that waiting list and provide those intellectually/developmentally disabled and physically disabled Kansans the services they need and have been denied. The cost for ending those two waiting lists is roughly $300 million per year.

The fourth problem, would go a long way in solving the first three problems. Kansas does not have a "state auditor." Nobody uses accepted accounting procedures to financially audit the state of Kansas expenses and rectify revenue, budgeting and spending in a way that is properly accounted for when it comes to state taxpayer funds.

Kansans should call on the current candidates for office, including those running for governor, to illustrate their plans for ending the four problems above.

Kevin Henderson