The Andover Trojan girls’ golf team claimed the first four spots in the medal standings to win the team title Tuesday of the Newton Invitational at Sand Creek Station.

Andover posted a team score of 158 — a two-over par 38 from top medalist Kelsey Hawley and 40s from Tiffany Chan, Alivia Nguyen and Shauna Lee. Hanna Shaver of Maize South also tied for second at 40.

“It was pretty good,” Hawley said. “I struggled a little early in the round, but then I got a couple pars. I birdied on hole 17. There were really good conditions. Our first tournament was really windy and our last tournament was rained out. This weather was really nice.”

The tourney win was the second for Andover and the first of the year for Hawley, who placed fifth at Derby.

She said she was pushed by her teammates, who finished two strokes behind her.

“I try to keep track of how they are doing,” Hawley said. “We all did pretty good.”

Andover is the defending Class 5A runner-up from last season, finishing behind St. Thomas Aquinas. Hawley, a junior, placed 32nd at state.

“We didn’t do as well as we had hoped,” Hawley said. “We still did well to finish second. I played decent. I think I can do better.”

Maize South was second in the team standings at 175, followed by Winfield at 195, Derby at 200-58, Hutchinson at 200-63 and Salina South at 208. Newton placed eighth out of 12 teams at 223.

The Railers claimed a medal when Mallory Seirer tied for 14th at 46. It was Seirer’s second medal of the season.

“It was very nice out,” Seirer said. “I birdied 12 and ended with a par and a birdie, which really improved my score. I haven’t improved as much as I wanted to, but we’re getting there. I had a goal to make a birdie — and I did that today. My other goal is to make it to state.”

Zadiea Simonson shot a 56, followed by Alondra Valle at 58, Naomi Kuhn at 60, Ada Montano at 61, Abby Chappell Deckert at 62, Mollee Ewert-Smith at 65, Natalie Kuhn at 66, Brynna Walton at 66, Alyssa Lujano at 67 and Shelby Wolfe at 69.

“I thought we did pretty well,” Newton coach Joanie Pauls said. “Zadiea (Simonson) is new to the team and she was second for us today, which is nice to see her do as a junior. Mallory medaled today. That is her second of the season. She also medaled at Winfield. We did a good job of getting rid of some waisted strokes. We have nine kids who are pretty close in score. Our sophomores are starting to get better, as well as some of our older kids. We have 17 kids out, so there is a lot of competition among them. Hopefully, that competition will get those scores down.

“We’ve been struggling on this course with slices. We’re hitting the ball a lot to the right. Here, that can get you in a lot of trouble. We still had some penalty strokes and some circle 10s. If you can hit off the tee box and keep in play, you have a chance.”

Newton competes at 9 a.m. Friday at the Buhler Invitational at the Hesston Golf Course.

“It’s the site of 5A state and there will be over 100 players there,” Pauls said. “It’s a 9 o’clock start and will be 18 (holes).”

Newton Inv.


Sand Creek Station

Par 36

Team scores — Andover 158, Maize South 175, Winfield 195, Derby 200-58, Hutchinson 200-62, Salina South 208, Emporia 221, Newton 223, Valley Center 232, Campus 238, Salina Central 252. Arkansas City no team score.

Medalists — 1. Kelsey Hawley And. 38, t2. Tiffany Chan And. 40, t2. Alivia Nguyen And. 40, t2. Shauna Lee And. 40, t2. Hannah Shaver MS 40, 6. Kenna Biddle Win. 41, 7. Camri Gage AC 42, 8. Meredith Kinney Hut. 43, t9. Elli Lindebak MS 44, t9. Brittany Wessley MS 44, t9. Elly Bertholf Win. 44, t12. Emma Johnson Der. 45, t12. Reaghan Martin Hut. 45, t14. Mallory Seirer New. 46, t14. Zoe Norton SS 46.

Remainder of field — 16. London Love MS 47, 17. Sophie Martins Cam. 48, 18. Abbey Simonsen Der. 50, 19. Harlee Long SC 50, 20. Rilee Courson And. 51, 21. Rylie Cannon Hut. 51, 22. Claudia Stevens And. 52, 23. Macey Truitt Der. 52, 24. Makayla Kusmaul Emp. 52, 25. Anna LIndebak MS 52, 26. Anna Tuimala Der. 53, 27. Tatum Forrester SS 53, 28. Bella Wood AC 54, 29. Kailey Martinez SS 54, 30. Kiara Zoglemann Win. 54, 31. Brynn Riley Emp. 55, 32. Lindsay Brown SS 55, 33. Breanna Baird SS 55, 34. Elana Schmelzle VC 55, 35. Jenna Fessler Emp. 56, 36. Zadiea Simonson New. 56, 37. Bridgit Conway SC 56, 38. Celine Mendoza Win. 56, 39. Chloe Johnson Der. 58, 40. Veronica Blankley Emp. 58, 41. Alaina McCallop Cam. 58, 42. Alondra Valle New. 58, 43. Allie Johnson VC 58, 44. Drue Davis Emp. 59, 45. Lizzy Pierce VC 59, 46. Josie Munson AC 60, 47. Naomi Kuhn New. 60, 48. Della O'Donnell VC 60, 49. Carter McFadden Hut. 61, 50. Ada Montano New. 61, 51. Lexi Williams Hut. 62, 52. Abby Chappell Deckert New. 62, 53. Lauryn Williams VC 62, 54. Riley Botkin Emp. 64, 55. Anita Phanthavong Cam. 65, 56. Mollee Ewert-Smith New. 65, 57. Natalie Kuhn New. 66, 58. Brynna Walton New. 66, 59. Elizabeth Collins SC 66, 60. Maci Miller SS 66, 61. Leah Shipman Cam. 67, 62. Alyssa Lujano New. 67, 63. Shelby Wolfe New. 69, 64. Allison Keasey Der. 71, 65. Evann Deal Hut. 76, 66. Chloe White SC 80., Makayla Kusmaul Emp. n/a, Mati Newman VC WD.