Changes to this year’s Ol’ Marais River Run are mostly for participants, according to car show officials.

“I don’t think we’ve taken any [spectator events] away,”said Jack Barnhart, car show official.

Sticking with an idea implemented at last year’s car show, the River Run will have no hired judges.

“In lieu of paying judges to judge cars, we gave that away with cash awards, so there will be more cash awards,” Barnhart said. “For the average person who doesn’t have a real expensive car, they’ve got a better chance of coming out of there with winnings.”

The pre-registration deadline was moved up to August 31 this year, a trend that will likely continue in coming years, Barnhart said.

“I think we are going to move the registration deadline up even more,” he said. “We’re so few people, it’s hard to get everything done and back out to participants in such short period of time. That’s the reasoning.”

There will also be no registration the night of the show’s annual “Back to the 60’s” Cruise night.

“It’s registration during the day on Saturday, or you’re not registered,” Barnhart said.

Spectators will also see no large trucks, sandrails or dune buggies at this year’s River Run.

“The problem was that we were getting large trucks, and it was a safety issue,” Barnhart explained. “I know the guys with large trucks won’t be happy, but we do only have so much room. We were also finding that those [sandrails and dune buggies] were creating more problems than others. To keep things under control and make it better for everybody else, it was the thing to do.”