An inspection expected this week of the roof and piers of the Kansas State Fairgrounds’ Expo Building will give officials an idea of the extent of the repairs needed, the State Fair Board heard during its Tuesday meeting in Hutchinson.

It is the most used building on the fairgrounds, said State Fair General Manager Robin Jennison, and the roof needs work and the bolts on the piers have rusted.

One estimate to replace the Expo was $8.7 million. Other capital improvement projects that the State Fair Board will discuss during its Nov. 5-6 retreat in Wichita include improvements to the Bison Arena and a proposal to expand the footprint of the Birthing Center.

If the Birthing Center was larger, it could become an “outpost for K-State,” said State Fair Board President Virginia Crossland-Macha, describing one proposal to make use of the center for educational purposes throughout the year. Private fundraising could help finance the Birthing Center project, Crossland-Macha said.